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Company Profile

DMC (Dixon Marine Consulting Ltd) was established in 1997 as a specialist Shipbroking and Marine Consulting company, with a particular focus on subsea intervention and project support vessels, and projects including DP tonnage, accommodation support craft and work barges.

The company's principle activities remain divided fairly equally between Shipbroking and Consulting. Our shipbroking activities include the hire and sale & purchase of hyperbaric equipment as well as vessels.

Our client base includes offshore operators, fellow brokers and consultants, ship owners and contractors. DMC is based in Norfolk in the UK and operates on an international basis. The company is presently involved in Shipbroking or Consulting activities in most of the offshore oilfield locations around the globe. DMC operates on a 'round the clock - year round' basis and we can always be contacted on the given contact numbers.

Subsea Intervention Support Vessels & Equipment. Specification & Procurement

With a background in both marine consulting and ship & equipment broking, and also with a specific focus on sub-sea intervention support vessels and equipment, DMC Ltd have provided consulting and project management support to clients looking to procure vessels with sub-sea intervention tasks as a primary role, in one form or another. This might start with specifying suitable new-build designs or identifying existing vessels which might suit the technical objectives for the vessel. Alternatively, if a support vessel has already been acquired, then DMC have been used to assist in specifying and sourcing the required sub-sea intervention equipment, and at times this has also included sourcing suitably experienced contractors to provide the intervention services. Typically this will be Diving or ROV services, but this has also included well intervention projects.

What We Offer



  • Vessel & Barge Chartering
  • Vessel & Barge Sale & Purchase
  • Diving Systems
  • Marine Equipment Rental and Sale & Purchase



  • Vessel Market Analysis,
  • Marketing,
  • Planning and Commercial Strategies
  • Technical & Operational Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Dive System Sale & Purchase
  • Manuals, Procedures & Guidance on Working Practices
  • Tender Preparation
  • Vessel Sale & Purchase and Charter Rate Evaluation

Our Team

Andy Nolan
Managing Director, Senior Offshore Broker, sale and purchase.

+44 (0)1603 561392

Mat Ridge
Marine and Subsea Equipment rental, sale & purchase broker, Saleyard enquiries, administration.

+44 (0)1603 561368

David Adams
Project co-ordinator, sale and purchase broker.

+44 (0)1603 973011

Bonnie Dixon
Project Co-ordinator, Office Manager, IT and Website.

+44 (0)1263 733530